Out on Steam

24th March

Have you ever heard about the Toymaker? No? Oh, I’m sure you have. Perhaps you’ve heard about him a long time ago, by a crackling fireplace, when the embers started to resemble ancient eyes? They’ve all heard the tales about him, the children, about the creature that lives in the deepest, darkest corners of the winter.

In a place far away, and yet so near, the Toymaker once held court. In a place of ice and snow, his servants once made the large machines burn. In a place, where the midwinter night was long and dark, the children came willingly to him.

Until one of them denied him.

Until one of them made him disappear.



Toymaker is an RPG that takes place in a dark, snow-filled world. Life there is harsh and the people living there have become hard and cold. In this place, the darkness has eyes, the winter wind whispers with a piercing voice and the frost hungers for warm flesh.

In this game you take on the role of Pale, a goat herder, equally feared and shunned by your people. When you were a child, the Toymaker came for you, and you made him go away, made him flee up into his mountain, and in all the years since then, he hasn’t been seen.

But lately strange things have begun to happen. The animals around the foot of the peak have started to move closer and closer to the village.

The midwinter night will soon be here once more.




  • Traverse a dark, twisted world unlike anything you’ve ever played before, where you can meet crafty gnomes and proud reindeer.
  • 10+ hours of dynamic, ever-changing story, with much more to explore outside the well-traveled paths.

gubbe01         gubbe03gubbe04                      gubbe05            gubbe02

  • Fight weird things created from darkness and light, in a place where healing is never fast and wounds take a long time to mend.
  • Choose classes for your followers, to complement their strengths or to battle their weaknesses.


  • Make choices that influence the people in this world. Everyone can die, even you. Every path affects your characters, shaping their story and twisting the game.

gubbe06           gubbe07   gubbe08   gubbe09

  • How much will you sacrifice to see the end of your journey?



This game is a three year long labour of love. Everything is handcrafted, from graphics, to design and music. Hopefully you will enjoy the result.

Toymaker uses the classic RPG maker 2003 engine as the stone to carve its saga on. Polishing and breaking it, until something unique was made.

Thank you for your time.