Toymaker Update: Heart of Mara


Toymaker will receive a large, and free, update the 1st of may. With the following features:

Heart of Mara
  • A new side-quest, spanning over both the Prologue and the main game.
  • With new, strange enemies, and a minor boss and a large one too.
  • A new area, that delves deeper into the minds of some of your followers and exposing more of the rotting core of the world of Toymaker.


The Prologue
  • The Prologue will be playable through the main game, together with the Heart of Mara update and its new story and enemies.
  • A stand-alone story, following Baldor as he tries to save his village from the dark things skulking in the midwinter night.
  • The Prologue gives more backstory to the cold world of Toymaker, and shows the beginning of the saga.


  • Some small balance changes.
  • Minor spell checking.
  • A few bug-fixes.



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